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Subject - Europa kit build aeroplane

Task: To create new top and bottom cowlings

The owner had already made a buck of the cowl for me to take a “splash” mould. The cowl was made in line with the LAA specifications using specified cloth, build up and resin. The air intakes had to be redesigned and a NACA duct built into the lower cowl. The technical write up was supplied by the customer.

To accommodate the UL260iS engine in the Europa airframe and to provide sufficient cooling new cowls have been designed with two large intake openings and utilise the standard ULPower ram air box baffling. With each intake opening measuring 100mm x 100mm and an exhaust opening of approximately three times the combined intake area, adequate cooling is ensured. The ULPower oil cooler is mounted on the belly of the lower cowling to provide protection against engine vibration and easy cowl removal. A Naca scoop is utilised to duct fresh air to the oil cooler and exits via the exhaust air opening. The shape of the cowls follow the airframe lines and incorporate the classic lower cowl shape in the design.

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