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Subject - Battery cover for a military vehicle.

Task: To make an enlarged battery cover for a military vehicle.

This commission came through Arden Automotive, they were tasked with modifying 3 large military vehicles. One of the modifications included increasing the size of the battery tray and cover. Whilst they made 3 large trays I set to taking apart their trial size cover, made using a large sheet of aluminium. A basic jig was made using bits of 2”x1” the rivet holes filled and using MDF I created a buck to take the moulds from. The easy way would to have just added a flat centre section, but to make it look like an original item, I replicated the shape of the two end sections. 3 new covers were made using a matt black gel finish and backed with 5 layers 400g CSM, with strengthening strips around all edges and mounting points......each lay-up took 5 hours.

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