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Subject - Spinners and Spats

Task: Repairs to Aircraft Spinners and Spats


Hercules Propellers commissioned Westgate Composites to make spinners for their excellent bespoke wooden propellers. We were supplied with MDF blanks, from which we made the moulds and then the final product. We also make various sizes of back-plates. (first picture)

SPEED TWIN, Cowls and spats

The cowls were formed using two pack expandable foam. The engines were covered in cling film and then wrapped in polythene and expandable foam poured in the cavity. (There really is a very expensive engine embedded inside that foam) The foam was hacked, cut sanded and smoothed ready for laying up a surface of fibreglass. From these we made two new mould and then the cowls were formed in carbon fibre. Although I made the two cowls and new spats, this project was carried out at Targett aviation in Gloucestershire.

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